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Call for Speakers.

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Proposal topics range from presenting evidence-based approaches to sharing unique viewpoints. For additional information, please review the documents below: Frequently Asked Questions Speaker Tips and Resources Guide Speaker Agreement Terms and Conditions Potential speakers will be notified by the Committee via email by the following: November 15 for Change Management Speakers Please note the email address supplied in the Submission page will be how the Committee conducts correspondence regarding the results.

We invite you to submit a proposal and add your voice to the change management community. Consent and Privacy During the speaker submission process you will be asked to review and check the statements below, as you choose. Great work in these areas happens in many communities, not just Clojure. We are open to submissions that have a lesser focus on the Clojure ecosystem. Know of somebody who should be talking to the Clojure community? Please let us know or send them our way.

Speaking at a conference can be intimidating. Finding the right topic or angle on a topic can be hard.

How to Find Speaking Opportunities

There are dozens of reasons to talk yourself out of giving a talk at a conference. If you are uncertain about your submission or submitting at all we are here to help you. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to contact heartofclojure.

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We'd love to hear from you. Also check out this great guide on how to write great talk proposals , written by our friends of CSSConf EU, as well as this post brimming with good advice on how to get your talk accepted.

The talk selection process for Heart of Clojure is designed to eliminate effects of biases while still allowing for a well-balanced selection of talks. Talks will be selected in a two-step process. Firstly all talks are rated in a blind review session and only then the Program Committee will have a chance to make adjustments. Once a talk has been submitted there will be a backchannel with the organizers that you may use to clarify or update individual aspects of your talk if necessary.

For example, if you offer presentations and programs for human resource professionals, get involved in the Society for Human Resource Management.

Actionable ways to find paid speaking opportunities in any industry

If you offer programs for attorneys, check out the National Association of Legal Professionals. Go find your tribe and get involved! Also, join the National Speakers Association. Really—this happens all the time with NSA members.

Speaking at TED

Speakers bureaus connect top keynote speakers with large events, and they take a percentage of the speaking fee. Celebrities get the most action from bureaus because they earn top dollar and are easy to place at events. However, if you have a niche topic and a lot of experience, plus some great video of you presenting, it may be worthwhile to pursue some bureaus.

A quick Google search will show you many options. You can include a speaker one-sheet with a description of your topics, pro photos of you in action, and your contact information—including a link to your site where you have video clips of you speaking these are essential for booking paid speaking gigs. It takes time to build a list of potential opportunities, so this should be an ongoing activity.

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A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, and Wired magazine. Visit StephanieChandler. Your email address will not be published.

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