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Wood vs Vinyl Siding: What’s Best for Your House?

The thickness, along with other design patterns, comes from the way it is cut. Another distinction between shingles and shake is the thickness of the lower edge. Hand-split shake pieces would sometimes exceed thicknesses of 1 inch. The most common variation of cedar shake appears as all flat bottom edges, which produces well defined horizontal lines. Staggered patterns characteristically go away from this uniform approach.

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And routinely have widths that are not exactly the same as shakes that surround it. Then comes the variations with the bottom edge. Again, straight across, or square, is the most common. But, the options include round, fish scale, pointed, diagonal, octagonal and arrow.

These fancy cuts usually mean a higher price for the material, but buying in bulk is the way to keep costs down. Finally, there is staining, or painting the shake material. Clear stains retain the natural beauty, while adding protective coating to ward of insects or make the material more resistant to fire. Because of how labor intensive staining and painting can be, it is perhaps better to buy pre-stained or pre-primed shake.

8 Styles of Vinyl Siding

Of all the wood siding options, shake and shingle installation is most expensive in terms of labor charges. Wood shake has an R-value near 1, coming in at about. To achieve greater insulation, a double layer of shake will then rival even insulated options of above materials. Like other forms of wood siding, composite materials are manufactured to replicate cedar shake siding. For many other siding options, specialists trained specifically in working with that material are your best option.

HardiePlank vs. Vinyl Siding (Risk vs. Reward)

With wood in general, this is not the case. Though with shake, experience is preferable. What are your thoughts? Note the relatively straight edges on the bottom edge of each panel. This is why they call it Straight Edge. To see more information on vinyl siding prices click here. Shake vinyl siding costs a little more than regular vinyl siding. It is usually thicker than regular vinyl siding and much stronger.

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Because it tends to be a little thicker than regular vinyl siding it has a deeper more realistic wooden texture or look to it. It generally comes with a 50 year warranty. Some brands are up to 1" thick and can take hurricane force winds making it idea for coastal areas or any area where harsh weather is a concern.

Remember that the the price of the siding is only one part of the price, the contractor will charge you extra to install it. For more information on cost click here. Classic elegance with that rugged outdoor look, vinyl cedar shake siding adds an air of distinction to any home.

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Used in combination with other vinyl siding types it can add the extra elegance to any home. This siding is strong, durable, looks just like real cedar wood siding at about half the cost.

It is very low maintenance and never needs painting. Better brands are up to 1 inch thick and have lifetime warranties.

Shake & Shingle Vinyl Siding in Utica, NY

It can withstand the harsh winters of the north and the strong sun high wind of coastal areas. To see more information on Foundry cedar vinyl siding products, along with more colors and textures click here. Half Round Shingles work beautifully with all siding styles. It adds a distinctive touch to when used as a trim accent on existing homes. Adds the extra little difference that creates that very special look. Also it never needs painting!

Note how all the window frames and corners are covered making this house virtually maintenance free. No more climbing on ladders to paint second floor trim again. To see more on Trim and Accessories click here.