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Every country has a different procedure for obtaining these records, and records come in many different formats. We can accept records via mail, fax, or email. Make sure the document includes the following information:. Please request your driving record in English. We may be able to accept records that are not in English provided that they are furnished with a translation. Below is a list of countries and how to obtain your record.

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The information below may not be applicable to every region of your country. If your country is not listed below, try contacting the agency that issued your license, the police department or court. They provide up-to-date information including your demerit point count.

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To obtain a copy of your driving record, you must:. Helmut Apfalter ADir Sicherheits- u. We will need you to request two documents: 1 regarding the validity dates of your license, and 2 regarding any traffic accidents recorded against you. You are also able to obtain your driving record by applying in person or through a legal designee.

Cayman Islands:. Alternatively you can obtain records issued by the Secretariat of Transit and Transportation from the Ministry of Transport.

Costa Rica:. Czech Republic:. This page asks for a numero de cedula. This is your state ID number. You should then be able to generate a report for you of any violations that you may have. El Salvador:.

The Central Office of Administrative and Electronic Public Services gives you the online capability to retrieve your driving record. Contact the Reykjavik Chief of Police. Your driving record may be recorded on your physical license. If your license is a booklet containing pages for endorsements, you may fax a complete copy of your license as proof of your driving history. If you have a newer plastic license, infractions may be shown through punches on your license.

You may also obtain a letter from your insurance company stating your history of claims and accidents. Office hours: Sunday-Thursday Need to request record in person from Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force If there is no record of driving offenses, document should state as such.

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Korea South :. Your representative will need:. They will issue a document regarding any information about you that may exist in the register of drivers. Driving record keeping in Mexico is not currently standardized in any way. Mexico City only recently started requiring a driving test. Contact the General Police Commissariat of Mun. New Zealand Aotearoa :. All Requests must include the following information: — driver license number if known — full name as shown on your license — date of birth — postal address to have the information sent — OR email address to receive the information electronically — contact phone number.

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Your driving record may appear on your physical license. If so, and if you have no violations, please fax us a copy of your license. Revoked driving schools Not all driving schools offer government-approved beginner driver education programs. This page lists schools that are no longer government-approved driver education course providers.

Impaired driving Learn about Ontario's impaired driving laws and the penalties you could face if you drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Understanding demerit points Demerit points are added to your driver's licence, if you are convicted of breaking certain driving laws. The rules are different depending on if you are a new driver or have a full licence.

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This information will explain how the demerit points system works. Get an accessible parking permit How to get an accessible parking permit. Vehicles used by people with disabilities need to display the permit to park in an accessible parking space. Ministry online services Welcome to the Service Location Finder.

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Choose a driving school in Ontario Choosing a driving school is one way to help prepare yourself to be a safe driver. This information will help you find a driving school that meets the government's standards for beginner driver education. Motorcycle safety courses If you take an approved motorcycle safety course, mandatory graduated licensing waiting periods can be reduced.

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This page lists community colleges and safety organizations that offer government-approved motorcycle safety courses. Get a bus driver's licence If you want to drive a bus or ambulance in Ontario, you need a bus driver's licence class B, C, E or F. This information will help you understand which type of bus licence you need and the steps you need to take.

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Get a truck driver's licence If you want to drive a truck in Ontario, you need a commercial licence. Air brake Z endorsement Anyone who drives a vehicle fitted with an air brake system or an air-over-hydraulic brake system is required to have a Z endorsement on their driver's licence. This information will help you learn more about how to get the Z endorsement on your licence.